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Q & A - Masks

Question: Where do I stick the nose pad? 

Answer: 1/8 to 1/4 inch under the nose wire inside the mask. See images provided.

Question: Can I wear this mask even if I don't wear glasses. YES. Absolutely. This mask is equipt to perform if you decide to wear sunglasses or prescription glasses.

Questions: After washing the mask does the nose pad continue to adhere? 

Answer: Yes, but not forever. That is why we have included 5 nose pads. The adhesive is very strong and it is made specially for masks. Both the aluminum nose clips and the nose pads we use are made for hospital masks, so they are very good quality. 

Question: Will the Aluminum nose clip break?

Answer: If you rapidly hard fold and unfold anything even plastic will break. So, Do not hard fold and unfold it. I have used mine for over 6 months every day and it is still comfortable and solid.

Question: Can I wash the mask in a washing machine? 

Answer: No, we don't recommend it as it may damage/ break the nose clip- Nose clip is made of soft aluminum. We recommend washing by hand, cold or warm water. It only takes a minute to wash

Question: Does nose pad adhesive contain latex.

Answer: Yes it does.

Question: Can the nose pad be removed and reattached?

Answer: Yes up to 3 or 4 times.

Question: Can the mask be washed with a nose pad attached?

Answer: Yes the. adhesive should last 3 washes.

Suitable for home or outdoor cycling, running, shopping, bus, subway, travel. Perfect to wear to work in commercial and light industrial applications. 

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